Operational Leadership

Can you Recognize "It"?

"We know "it" when we see it. I think, say and hear others say; "He/She/They have "it." What does it take to recruit, hire and develop "it." If you were to sum up "it" in one word, what would that word be?

I think it is DRIVE...

Duty: How we value our job. Are you proficient and make sound and timely decisions? Do you communicate the Leaders Intent (Task, Purpose & End State) and you developing subordinates for the future?

Respect: How we value our co-workers. Do you know your subordinates and look out for their well-being? "People First Decision Making." Are you keeping them informed and building the team?

Integrity: How we value ourselves. Do you know yourself and seek improvement? Do you seek responsibility and accept responsibility for your actions (good and bad)? Do you set the example?

Values: How we value the culture of the fire service and our agency. How do you value the public and partner agencies?

Ego: How do we manage our ego? Are we just "Type A" enough to lead and yet are self-aware enough to know when, where and how much of our ego needs applying. Can you take charge, make decisions and yet admit when you are wrong?

Tool Kit

L-280 Self Assessment Tool.pdf